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Hello, your chanel replica bags look very good quality. Please could you tell me what 1:1 grade means and why some bags have this description and some do not? Hello- are these chanel replica bags good quality? How long would it take to chanel outlet ship to New York? Thanks

1. Is replica chanel handbags free shipping to UK? 2. Will fake chanel be exactly same quality as photos you advertise? 3. How much estimate cost by British Pound(GBP) for $359? 4. Do you have exchange and refund policy?

I went to Chanel bags FAQ to only find you are talking about fake chanel and not handbags. What do you have to say about the pictures of ur Chanel handbags as I want to ensure that the quality is very good and like the original one to a naked eye. Please keep me updated on the chanel handbags shipping and all the information for tracking. Also I am sure your website gets shut down pretty regular. Please keep me on a list to update me when you move to another web address so I can continue to purchase chanel outlet from you in the future. Also I am looking for a website for chanel Jewelry, but want good quality chanel replicas, can you give any recommendations? Also do you have access to any other replica brands besides Chanel? Looking forward to many purchases :) lol